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Please take a minute to generally know what’s going on in Pakistan right now.

On August 14th, Pakistan’s Independence Day, peaceful demonstrators started a march for the capital in opposition to the current prime minister. Now 17 days in to their peaceful sit in at the prime…

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5 Years / 10 Issues of Hoax: A Mini-Tour & Celebration (Sept 5-7) | Facebook →



New York City: Friday September 5th, Bluestockings Bookstore & Activist Center - 7pm 

- Confirmed Readers: Cassandra Leveille, Suzy X, Jordan Alam, Emma Caterine, Annie Mok

- Confirmed Bands: Rachel Easterly (, Little Waist ( special acoustic set!!!!, Tiny Tusks ( special acoustic set!!!! 

Philadelphia: Saturday September 6th, LAVA Space - 6:30
- Confirmed Readers: Jenna Brager, Khristina Acosta, Ksenya Leah Basarab, Joyce Hatton, Cassandra Leveille, Sarah Rose, Moor Mother Godess 
- Confirmed Bands: Ex by V (, Hive Bent ( - Baltimore), Underpass ( - OLY), KT Spit ( — OLY)

Baltimore: Sunday September 7th, Red Emmas - Time 5pm 
- Confirmed Readers: Allison Hall, Anjana Rao, Miriam C, Cassandra Leveille, Taryn Hipp, rachel & sari (hoax editors!)

Hoax is a US bi-annual queer feminist compilation zine that aims to create a space to analyze the feminisms of our everyday lives. People of all lived experiences & genders are encouraged to submit!

This September will mark the five year anniversary of the release of Hoax #1! September will also mark the release our 10th issue. The two of us have worked tirelessly over the past half-decade to write for, edit, compile, publish, and circulate this project. As of the release of Hoax #9, the project has featured 145 contributors from writers, artists and feminists of various backgrounds, ethnicities, ages, citizenships, and genders. As of the release of the #10th issue, the number of contributors will be closer to 200. Hoax is sold at infoshops and distros in multiple continents. It’s pretty mind-blowing to think about, and we definitely could not have completed this project without our community’s support.

We have decided to celebrate by putting together a “5 years of Hoax” mini-tour to celebrate. We are hosting events in NYC, Philly, and Baltimore. 

All of these events will be FREE, although we do ask that you consider donating to the spaces that are hosting us. We also ask that each of these events remain sober (i.e. don’t bring booze into the spaces!) 

Please support our mini-tour by inviting friends to this event (as well as the events that will be made for each individual date) & posting / blogging about the release of Hoax #10. 

We will continue to post updates about bands / readers / times on this events page. Let us know if you want to perform / read / table! 

Long live DIY feminist print media! ♥ 

So cool!

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sky between Wilmington and Charlotte nc.

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Last morning walking down to the Atlantic for a while.

Last morning walking down to the Atlantic for a while.

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beach food is fun food.

beach food is fun food.

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For The First Time Ever, All Four Eyewitness Accounts of The Murder of Michael Brown Put In Chronological OrderThe most detailed side-by-side telling of each eyewitness account of the Mike Brown murder in chronological order #JusticeForMichaelBrown [@ShaunKing]

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swimming in dusk light/beach house aquas.

swimming in dusk light/beach house aquas.

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Made a strawberry galette tonight. Yes it is mostly crust and covered in lemon zest, as it should be.

Made a strawberry galette tonight. Yes it is mostly crust and covered in lemon zest, as it should be.

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‘Hands Up, Don’t Ship!’ Minneapolis UPS Workers Protest Shipments to Missouri Police

A dozen part-time UPS workers in Minneapolis took protest action on the job August 22, after discovering ties between Missouri law enforcement and a company, Law Enforcement Targets,…

This is incredible to me.

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My bed for the week.
Listen to ‘shock the world and ‘suboceana’ by tom tom club.

My bed for the week.
Listen to ‘shock the world and ‘suboceana’ by tom tom club.

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